Norm’s Pond

Little St. Simons Island, Georgia
March 6, 2024
Oil on canvas
9 x 12 in. (22.9 x 30.5 cm)


Norm’s Pond, named for the rather large male alligator that lives there, hosts an impressive rookery of egrets, herons, wood storks, and others each spring. The shrubby islands were deliberately created so that racoons and other nest exploiters would have to swim a gauntlet of gators if they wanted to dine on fresh eggs and nestlings. I thought I’d try to paint it when the setting sun might add interest to the scene. Couldn’t finish it in the dark, and didn’t want to loose any more blood to the mosquitos, so I completed it after dinner back in LSSI’s barn.

Two views of finishing a painting, outdoors then indoors.