Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois
Oil on canvas
36 x 54 in. (91.4 x 137.2 cm)

Private collection

In Illinois, it’s difficult to find a remnant or restored prairie of a size that allows for landscape-scale appreciation and study—important aspects for an artist aiming to picture the prairie. But it’s not impossible.

From small, overgrazed remnants, first noticed by prairie enthusiasts Doug and Dot Wade in the 1970s, the Nature Conservancy and Friends of Nachusa Grasslands have restored functioning, gorgeous prairie ecosystems to thousands of acres of former agricultural fields and overgrown woodlands near Dixon, Illinois. In those acres, I’ve explored a wide range of prairie aspects, from flora and fauna to prescribed fire and seasonal change, but I’ve been most captivated by the combination of open prairie and wide-open skies.

Location on map of Nachusa visitor center:

Studio painting. – July.

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