Flame Front Arriving

Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois
March 23, 2019
Oil on canvas
9 x 11 in. (22.9 x 27.9 cm)

Private collection

Two paintings that were completed one right after the other, Flame Front Arriving and Flame Front Departing, illustrate one of my favorite field painting experiences. First, I worked from the “green,” staying about a hundred feet ahead of the wind-driven flame front, with all my gear on my back or on the easel. Then, after stepping over the diminished flames when the wind dropped (wearing fire-resistant boots and Nomex clothing), I switched canvases and painted from the smoldering “black,” following behind the flames. I moved my easel about a dozen times over a few hundred yards to finish both paintings. A small dirt road served as a handy escape route should I have needed it, a level of safety practiced while painting all of the works in my series from Nachusa.

Read an overview about my work with prescribed fire at Nachusa.

Painted on location. Canvas mounted to hardboard.

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