Doug’s Knob, December

Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois
December 17, 2018 (Finished 2019)
Oil on canvas
18 x 26 in. (45.7 x 66 cm)

Private collection

Seasonal view 6 of 6 at Doug’s Knob, a high-quality hilltop prairie remnant and small oak grove at the heart of the Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois (see all six below):

The first quiet minutes of sunlight on a December morning reveal the rocky substrate that saved Doug’s Knob from the plow. The accompanying boulders, dumped here at the base of the knob, would have been unwelcome in the cornfield that ran up to this point. Although every dormant stem of grass and lingering oak leaf glowed with an intensely warm light, my fingers were too numb to get far with painting that morning.

Finished in the studio, November 2019.

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