Color Study

Foley Sand Prairie, Lee County, Illinois
June 14, 2018
Oil on canvas
8 x 11 in. (20.3 x 27.9 cm)

Private collection

The moisture gradient is apparent in my June field study of Foley Sand Prairie. Here, the blue green of prairie cordgrass marks the wetter base of the dune with a virtual cloud of pale purple coneflower capping the dry dune ridge. Flecks and bands of color suggest the plethora of other species in bloom including common milkweed, white false indigo, prairie lily, prairie coreopsis, and wild quinine. By September these will be going dormant, showing mainly their yellowing leaves and dry seed heads, as will many of the 160 native species of the preserve.

Painted on location, finished in the studio. Canvas mounted to hardboard.

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