Doug’s Knob, September

Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois
September 28, 2016
Oil on canvas
18 x 26 in. (45.7 x 66 cm)

Private collection

Seasonal view 4 of 6 at Doug’s Knob, a high-quality hilltop prairie remnant and small oak grove at the heart of the Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois (see all six below):

A robust growth of goldenrod, asters, and big bluestem on the lower slope set a warm, lively tone at the end of September. A woodchuck burrow, also evident in the May painting, is still visible high on the slope since the prairie never gets very tall in the dry gravelly soils on top of the knob. The conditions were breezy, but otherwise ideal to finish this painting. Three years later I would choose the exact same spot for my May composition.

Painted on location.

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