Doug’s Knob, July

Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois
July 28, 2015
Oil on canvas
18 x 26 in. (45.7 x 66 cm)

Private collection

Seasonal view 3 of 6 at Doug’s Knob, a high-quality hilltop prairie remnant and small oak grove at the heart of the Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois (see all six below):

In July, a bit lower on the slope, an abundance of grey-headed coneflower and wild bergamot, which are often very showy in prairie restorations, highlight the transition from the remnant prairie above to the formerly plowed base of the knob. The profusion of blooms in the foreground necessitated completing this, my first view of Doug’s Knob, at a later date.

Begun on location, finished in the studio fall 2018. Doug’s Knob, July appears in: A Healthy Nature Handbook, Illustrated Sequences for Ecological Restoration in the Chicago Wilderness Region, by the Bobolink Foundation, 2020 (Island Press).

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