Philip Juras  2018

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Color Study
Foley Sand Prairie, Lee County, Illinois
June 14, 2018
Oil on canvas
8 x 11 in.




In this view the blue-green of prairie cordgrass delineates the moist base of the dune while a virtual cloud of pale coneflowers completely caps the much drier dune ridge. A plethora of species were flowering beautifully during my June visit, a few of which are suggested by flecks and bands of color in the painting. They include common milkweed, white false indigo, prairie lily, prairie coreopsis, pale coneflower, and wild quinine. Later in the year, as these forbs go dormant, the seed stalks of warm-season grasses will become the main visual component (See: Foley Sand Prairie, 2019). Mostly completed in the field on an overcast day, I later adjusted the painting in the studio to better align with how I recalled experiencing this rare remnant of the original North American prairie.